Transition management: management and ownership (generation) handover

What are the situations when managers (and most often, owners) of an enterprise want a transition in the management of their business?

In our experience, these situations may cause changes in both the management of a company and in its ownership, requiring thorough preparation and groundwork. Essentially, we are equipped for the preparation and management of the following situations:

  • Handing over the company management, preparing an exit strategy and the handover:
    • Partially or fully affecting company operations.
    • Handover to a family member or an external party.
    • Prompt solutions or step by step over a longer period of time.


  • Reducing ownership interest and control in a company:
    • By a partial sale of ownership interests or by raising capital with a new partner.
    • By a complete sale of ownership interests either with or without raising capital.

The transition management projects are implemented by us taking the following main steps, (subject to agreement):

  • A preliminary assessment supported by the FRIISCORES evaluation system:
    assessment of goals, intentions, attitudes, and the situation.
  • Clarifying the aims, agreeing on how to collaborate
  • Elaborating, discussing and agreeing on a strategy, execution plan and time-frame.
  • Key enablers:
    • company: primarily the operation, organisation, procedures, controlling, as well as performance measurement, and accountability. (The scope is not including the general improvement across the company, but focusing on enabling the company for the change.)
    • Management: changing entrepreneurial/managerial role, for example attitude, approach, accepting the new rules of the game:
      • handover of management (if ownership remains)
      • handover of management and preparation of the new owners for the role (for example in cases of handover to a family member)
      • preparing for the necessary personnel changes,
      • elaboration and implementation of a legal solution,
      • managing and follow up of the change.

How to contact us

Please contact us if you are interested or have any questions:

Róbert Friebert (English)
managing director/partner
Phone: +36 30 954 6201

József Attila Nagy (German)
Phone: +36 20 952 0435

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