Interim Management – effectively

As most of the consulting firms, we also take on traditional interim manager assignments that are solely about temporarily replacement of a vacant managerial position until the final solution is found.

However, we believe that we can create more value for our clients if the assignment covers not only the performance of daily routine tasks, but also the management of a transition and change, crisis management or the reversal of unbeneficial trends. The usual daily tasks can also be supplemented by the implementation and management of an efficiency program, reorganization or strategy development project created with our involvement.

Challenges during the interim period could be

  • to ensure business continuity,
  • to elaborate alternatives and transformation plans,
  • and to implement them.

We can address these challenges by

  • performing daily management tasks with a high quality,
  • professional consulting,
  • and execution of the agreed change plan.

In the case of an interim management assignment, we also strive to

  • mutually agreed,
  • measurable,
  • and work towards sustainable goals.

We not only provide advice, but also take responsibility for achieving the targeted results.

Why is it beneficial for our customers?

  • In addition to ensuring the business continuity with a high quality, a more efficient organization, processes and added value are created.
  • The change management is led by a professional interim manager who has wide experiences and competences to manage changes, to execute of transformation programs. These experiences do not necessarily exist at the potential candidates for the permanent position.
  • The transformation process can be managed more effectively if the executors of any painful, unpopular decisions do not stay permanently with the organization.

How to contact us

Please contact us if you are interested or have any questions:

Róbert Friebert (in English)
managing director/partner
Phone: +36 30 954 6201

József Attila Nagy (in German)
Phone: +36 20 952 0435

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