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Our method of work

Work assignments are usually arranged in the following stages (changes are, of course, always possible):

Mapping stage
Consultancy project
Implementing changes
Finishing the consultancy project

Mapping stage

  • interview with the owner/manager, clarifying the task, the general goals and expectations
  • proposal for situation assessment: goals; areas and processes to be analysed and assessed; methods to obtain data; focus of the assessment - contracting to conduct the situation assessment and to provide the situation analysis
  • defining data needs; data collection/conducting interviews; assessment;situation analysis; producing the report and getting it accepted;
  • based on the situation analysis, proposal for the content of the consultancy project, its implementation, and the possible areas of change
  • agreeing on the content, , goals, key measures and indicators of the consultancy project;, contracting

Implementing a consultancy project

  • creating work organisation and project processes
  • conceptual stage: preparing the change proposal that defines what changes are needed/recommended/possible in what areas, and the expected effect these changes will have on the key measures and indicators
  • presenting the change proposal, adjusting it, getting it accepted
  • devising a plan for change, based on the accepted proposal. For example, what changes, should be implemented, when, who should participate and what tools and measures should be used. The change plan can take the shape of a strategic plan, action plan, process plan, change management plan, etc.
  • presenting the change plan, adjusting it, getting it accepted

Implementing changes

  • Subject to agreement, we participate in the implementation of the accepted plan
  • the plan presented always includes recommendations on monitoring , measuring the changes realised and conducting the necessary fine-tuning. If requested by our partners, we are actively involved in this.

Finishing the consultancy project

  • discussing and evaluating experiences
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